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Water Problems

  • pH Correction

    Low pH or acidic water can cause corrosion of copper pipe fittings or even turn blonde hair green!

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  • Iron & Manganese Removal

    Commonplace in borehole supplies and can cause staining of laundry.

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  • Softening

    Hard water can ‘fur’ up pipes, kettles and shower heads, softening it is a relatively simple procedure

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  • Taste and Odour

    Unpleasant, especially in drinking water, but activated carbon filters can remove successfully

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  • Nitrates

    Formed from plant decay or fertilisers and have been linked to illnesses

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  • Turbidity

    Cloudiness can be a problem in water with a high iron content or where dirt or natural residue are present

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  • Cryptosporidium

    One of the more serious waterborne parasites leading to death in the most serious cases. Ultra Violet is extremely effective in treating

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  • Giardia

    ‘Beaver Fever’ as it’s also known is waterborne parasite that can an cause an unpleasant illness if not treated

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